Bromo Tour Package and Enjoyable Journey for Sunrise

Bromo Tour Package and Enjoyable Journey for Sunrise . Active volcano has risk for being erupted, but there are many interesting things to do. Well, Mount Bromo is still at the top list as tourist attraction. This mountain has the sea of sand, right before the top crater. Bromo tour package offers enjoyable trip to explore Bromo and its surroundings. As you know, Bromo is not only volcano, but also location where Tengger community lives. This is part of culture tourism that’s always interesting.

Bromo Tour Package and Enjoyable Journey for Sunrise

Bromo Tour Package and Enjoyable Journey for Sunrise

People have different interest for visiting Mount Bromo. Several activities will fulfill tourist needs and experience that cannot be forgotten. For starting point, you can use jeep to go around for reaching near top Mount Bromo. You do not have to worry about the road and stops. There are coffee shops when you need refreshment and hot noodle to fill your stomach. After that, the journey can be started again to get the better spot for seeing sunrise. Keep in mind that, jeep only helps to reach the closer to top, but you need to climb if you intend to go to crater. After enjoying long driving, it is time to pass the sea of sand. In this area, you are suggested to ride horse from Tengger people. They are excellent guidance to keep everyone safe when passing this place. This is also a part of bromo tour package.

If you are eager for challenge, Bromo crater is what you should see. The mountain climbing is the popular tourist attraction. This activity is better to start before sunrise then you can stand at the top of Bromo to enjoy sun spreads the light. Beautiful scenery is something that brings ultimate experience for tourists. Bromo relies on nature and surrounding as primary attractions. Besides, Bromo tour package will include another option to visit Semeru since both mountains are included in one national park.

Mount Rinjani Trekking Alone Expectations

The idea of going up to Mount Rinjani trekking alonecan be quite scary but the entire exploration won’t be as bad as you think – in fact, it won’t be too much daunting either. In the event that you are ready to go up alone, you can be sure that the entire adventure has awaited. And it’s a good thing that you will be enjoying everything. So, what are the things you can expect from the entire trip?

The Expectations

When you decide to go on the Mount Rinjani trekking alone, you will never be alone. You will likely meet other fellow trekkers with a guide – and the guide may even invite you to follow them. It’s not likely that he will invite you to the group but you can follow them instead of roaming alone.

Most of the trekkers who have gone there claimed that they have met many friendly and nice people. Even when you are alone, you will neverlack of friends or foods. When you meet fellow trekkers, they would be more than happy to share their foods. It’s like showing their sympathy and empathy, and how they respect you for going alone.

Another thing you can enjoy from going alone is the fact that you will have more freedom and flexibility. No one is rushing you to summit because you should ‘meet the deadline.’ You can take pictures as many as you want because nothing can limit you. When you are with the group, the guide may give you 5 minutes to take selfies or pictures – but no one can stop you when you are going solo.

Another thing to expect is the increased environmental awareness. The path may be filled with rubbish and you may have this nudge of awareness to pick them up – well, at least, some of them. Those are the expectations of going up Mount Rinjani trekking alone.